Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday 2

Warning: There will be no pictures in this post :( I am at school and don't have my knitting with me. Maybe I will get a chance to post one later!

Right now I am working on my third Montana Scarf. I'm making it for a friend because I promised it, but oh my goodness am I getting sick of this pattern! Oh well, it's for a good friend and I'm happy with how it's coming out. I also plan to make a few more potholders to send to this friend too!

Other than that I don't have any more WIPs but I have a plan for what I want to start working on next and some goals for what I would like to accomplish this year as far as knitting and other things go.

Next on the Needles:
- Toast
- Legwarmers (Requested by a friend. I might not make tubesock ones, but the pattern seems helpful and basic)
-Oh, Brioche (I have some cascade 220 superwash paints that I think would look so pretty in this pattern!)

Knitting Goals for the Year:
- Get comfortable using DPNs (I just bought a set of a bunch of different sizes so I better like them! :P)
- Make a pair of socks!
- Overall expand my knitting knowledge and don't be afraid to try knew things!

Other Goals:
- Do well in all of my classes this semester. I have some pretty difficult classes this semester that will involve a lot of work and I want to make sure that I stay on top of my work and go above an beyond to get ahead and do well.
- Keep up with my blog and my knitting even though I am busy with school.
- Read often. I feel that when it gets into the semester I don't spend much time reading and I would like to change that.

That's about it! Figured I would share my goals with you guys (a bit late I know) and see if you had any other good goals that I should add to my list. Also, check out Tami's to see more WIPs!!

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