Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday 3

So this week I've tackled a knitting goal that I wanted to achieve this year: knitting with double pointed needles. I am making Toasty which is this cute and simple fingerless glove pattern. I've already finished one glove and feel pretty comfortable with DPNs so far so I think that I will try one more project with them and then get started on some socks! :D


I've found that my biggest problem with DPNs is a tiny bit of laddering, but I've heard that goes away after time and the only time you can see my ladders is when the fabric is stretched. Another thing that I've found challenging is picking up the right stitches for a thumb hole. It seems like it should be easier than it is but I had a hard time making it so that I didn't have any gaps around the thumb hole. However, for the second mitt I have cast on a few more stitches in hopes that it doesn't stretch as much when I wear it so I can avoid having ladders showing and can have the holes for the thumb show a bit less (I found a new technique on youtube that I want to try).

That's all for today, hope all of your WIPs are going well and if you want to see more WIPs check out Tami's blog!


  1. Practice makes perfect with dpns. Those ladders will disappear when you get more comfortable with them.

  2. Sounds like things are going well :) Cant wait to see the finished items.

  3. DPNs and I are not best friends at the moment. (Check my WIP entry for this week if you want, and you'll see what I mean.) So I admire your bravery. :)
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