Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving, a Weekend Away, and FO Friday 2!

Unfortunately I haven't had much to blog lately since not much has happened since my last WIP Wednesday. However, I do have some finished objects to share this week!! (Finally)

First off is another Amelia Scarf.

Amelia Scarf

I made one scarf in this pattern a while back for my mom and I decided that I wanted one too. It was super quick and easy to knit and it was nice to get something done so quickly since the other projects I'm working on are taking much longer. I also have a decent number of potholders (11 so far, I have a lot of family haha)  finished so I am doing really well on getting those done for the holidays too!

Potholders in bright navy, sage green, wine, ecru, and jute.

And finally, the big FO of the week... I finally finished one of my secret Christmas gifts and I'm super happy with how it came out!!! Check it out on Ravelry :D This is one of my first big projects and I'm glad that I stuck with it and got such great results, so satisfying!

Aside from working on Christmas knitting, not too much has been going on in my life. I had a very nice Thanksgiving with lots of great family and Joe and I also got to go see some great friends who we haven't seen in a while. While we were away I got some more knitting done and even managed to knit a scarf for one of our friends and she loved it! :) Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas I hope to finish this and some more potholders too!

Also over the next few weeks I will be finishing up my internship and will be heading back to school (I'm at one of those 5 year schools where you get to have three 6 month internships). I am looking forward to being back in school but not looking forward to doing homework again! I am a bit worried that I won't have enough time for knitting once I get back into the swing of things, but I know that I will at least have time to knit on the bus so that's better than nothing!

Alright, that's all for now. To check out other FOs go here!


  1. Nice looking scarf and pot holders, looks like you're making good headway with your gift list.

  2. Gorgeous! I also had a look at the secret project - WOW!


  3. Thank you both for the compliments :D I really appreciate it!