Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday 4 (it's about time!)

So it has been a super long time since I've been able to post here, but luckily I'm on spring break this week and I have some time to blog!

As for WIPs I only have one. I am working on some spiral rib legwarmers for my friend. They are coming along nicely but I'm not enjoying the knitting as much as I would like. The pattern requires me to count rows and pay attention and so that makes it hard for me to knit while watching tv. I am using cascade 220 in a charcoal grey color and I am almost done the first legwarmer. I plan to finish them over the rest of my break since my friend has been waiting a long time for these (woops).

Here are some pictures:

The top picture makes it look like the legwarmer is wide at the bottom and decreasing in size towards the top but I think that's just from trying on. The bottom picture attempts to show a close up of the pattern. Another thing slowing me down on these is the fact that I have to use DPNs. It is good for me to be learning and I enjoy learning the technique, but it is much slower than using circulars.

That's all for now, check out Tami's blog for more WIPs!!


  1. DPNs are slower than circs for sure, but they definitely come in handy some times. Love the pattern on your legwarmers, but sorry they require so much concentration. Maybe #2 will be more TV-friendly.

    1. I sure hope so! Luckily I will be in a car for at least 8 hours this coming weekend so I should be able to get some knitting done on them then!

  2. Sorry to hear it's taking so much attention - that would definitely slow me down!

  3. I made those last year. They did require more attention than I usually want to spare for my "traveling project," but once they were done I LOOOOOVED them. Still do. ^_^
    They occasionally need a good re-block, and I've had to put some elastic in at the top, but they are darn cozy.