Friday, November 11, 2011

FO Friday 1

So, this is my first FO (finished object) Friday! I don't have much to share, but it's a start. I didn't do a WIP Wednesday this week because it would have been the same as last week. But, I have made progress on both those projects since then (potholders and secret gift).

Here is a picture of a finished potholder:

I only have one on me but I have three more finished at home and a lot of yarn to make many more! They are only garter stitch, but they are quick and easy to knit so why not.

I leave you with a picture that I took this morning while walking to my car. Boston is so pretty in the fall! All of these gorgeous colors are really making me think that I should consider getting married in the fall (mostly kidding, but we'll see :) ).

Sorry for the crappy pictures, they are from my phone!


  1. Your potholder is a great color and looks nice and squishy. Thanks for the shot of fall color.

  2. What a great potholder :)
    Have you checked ravelry for dish cloth patterns? They are quick and easy and a good way to try out fun new patterns.

    Great shot of Boston!
    I just started working there this week and I love the glimpses of fall in the city

  3. I have looked for dishcloth/dishtowel patterns! I found a few that I really liked but they didn't seem quite big enough to be useful dishtowels, they would end up being more like washcloths and I wasn't sure if people would find them useful. I know that I could always make them longer but I'm a poor college student with a lot of people to knit Christmas gifts for so I decided on the potholders instead haha!

  4. Cool potholder :) I really like garter stitch these days (I know most people hate it!)